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The Lombard’s Soup

Storical Notes

In truth the people from Lombardy do not even know what it is, because the real name should be: “The soup for the Lombards”.

The story and the birth of this soup happens in Florence during the years of the construction of the Faentina (a railroad that was built in 1880-1893, with another part opened in 1913 in the direction of Borgo San Lorenzo-Pontassieve, that crossed rivers and mountains in the majestic Mugello’s valley with many bridges and galleries crossing the Appennino, from the Tuscan chief town to Faenza in the splendid Emilia Romagna).

The miners that worked in the Florence area, at the end of their shifts (tiring and extremely long, they used to work in the galleries up to 12 hours straight) they had difficulties finding taverns that were open or ready to serve food.

This even if the food was simple and made up of little things like: bread and onion, stockfish, cold cuts, a glass of wine. That’s when someone thought to serve a warm dish, ready at all times and cheap, to those poor miners from Lombardy.


A detailed recipe doesn’t exist but the dish itself is composed of a soup made of slices of Tuscan bread, even days old but roasted on the grill, with garlic rubbed on top, laid on a deep plate (or a bowl) to cover the bottom part.

Some salt and pepper on the bread, a little oil and to top it off, two or three ladles of boiled Cannellini Beans, with all the boiling liquid, with a last “C” of good olive oil from the Florentine hills. This way the Lombard miners of the 800’s had a cheap, hot meal.

The bread was always available and on the fire there was always present the kettle with the beans cooking.

Salt and Pepper where also always around, together with the amazing oil from the area (not that you needed a lot of it).

At the end a glass of wine, the wine prince Chianti, that you couldn’t leave anyone without… So the Lombard Soup was born.

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